Toriyama Co., Ltd.


  • Focusing on well-balanced “umami” of marbling (fat) and lean meat
  • Integrated production in Farm HACCP and JGAP certified management system
  • Measurement of umami in scores to stabilise and improve meat quality

Over 60 years in the business – currently the 3rd generation since grandfather. We raise around 1,300 heads of cattle at the foot of the 800-meter Mt. Akagi. Among the 1,300 heads, 400 are mother cows, and roughly 370 calves are born every year. There is no automation at the farm, and 15 staff take care of them with love, all by hand, from feeding the cattle to cleaning the stalls.



  • Full-blood Authentic Japanese Wagyu from Kyushu including Kagoshima
  • “World’s best steak”,”World’s best Sirloin”,”World’s best Grain-Fed ” in 2022
  • Proven high quality meat from designated contract farmers

“AkuneGold” is a brand of Full-blood Authentic Japanese Wagyu from Kyushu area, and at the same time, it’s the title holder of “World best steak”. Each head of cattle is raised with the utmost care by trusted contract farmers, and processed at the Akune plant located in Kagoshima. This plant have acquired international certification standards to ensure the “safety” and “quality” of products(SQF), and is certified as export-ready facilities in 25 countries and regions.

Ginkakuji Onishi Co., Ltd.


  • Wagyu Selector since 1953
  • 『Farm to the table』
  • Many wagyu programs across Japan to the world

Ginkakuji Onishi is known as one of the best Wagyu Selectors in Japan. We have accumulated knowledge and skills in selecting the best Wagyu since our establishment. Based on the techniques and beliefs passed down from generation to generation, we at Onishi have numerous wagyu experts who support the food culture. Not only have we accumulated knowledge over the past decades, but we are involved in and contribute to every value-added process at every stage of the wagyu flow.

S Foods Inc.


  • One of the BIGGEST Wagyu suppliers in Japan
  • 60 BRANDS of Wagyu, including Kobe, Matsusaka and Omi
  • The order can be made by parts, not a whole cattle

S Foods is a meat supplier in Japan focusing on the export of Japanese Wagyu beef. In addition to wholesale, we work in partnerships with Wagyu farms throughout Japan and slaughterhouse such as Wagyu Master. We are one of the largest exporters of Wagyu from Japan. We are particularly strong in high-branded Wagyu such as Kobe beef. Halal Wagyu is also available. You may find your ideal Wagyu at our stand.

Saga Agriculture, Forestry, and Marine product Export Promotion Association


  • SAGA BEEF, raised in Northern Kyushu’s breathtaking nature
  • PREMIUM-Wagyu, one of Japan’s top grades
  • Quality control and farmers’ efforts make the difference in taste and texture

SAGA BEEF is a brand of JA-SAGA, Japan Agricultural Cooperatives, and is officially rated above Grade 4 of the Beef Standard and No.7 of the BMS, Beef Marbling Standard, in Japan. The outstanding natural environment of Saga Prefecture, with fertile land and clean water, are essential elements for breeding high quality SAGA BEEF cattle. Besides a good domestic market, international markets such as the United States, Southeast Asian countries and Hong Kong, etc. are already enjoying SAGA BEEF. The next goal will be exporting to European countries.

Kagoshima Meat Export Federation


  • The largest number of Wagyu cattle in Japan is in Kagoshima Prefecture
  • KAGOSHIMA WAGYU is known for its delicate, tender meats
  • Japan’s best beef, and Prime Minister’s Award winner

Kagoshima Wagyu is delicate and tender with a reticulated combination of muscle fibres and fat called ‘sashi’, which gives the meat a well balanced marbled appearance. The tender meat melts in your mouth and has a distinct full-bodied and sweet aroma “the wagyu scent”. At the 12th National Competitive Exhibition of Wagyu held in October 2022, Kagoshima Wagyu won first prize in six of the nine categories. It also won the Best Beef Grand Prize and was crowned the top Japan Wagyu beef in two consecutive competitions.