Japanese Wagyu Beef
Seminar and
Cutting Demonstration

Japanese Wagyu Beef Introductory Seminar

An overview of the characteristics and attractive features of Japanese Wagyu beef.

See for yourself what makes Japanese Wagyu beef so popular.

Japanese Wagyu Beef Cutting Demonstration

A live demonstration explaining the different cuts of Japanese Wagyu beef and the various techniques for cutting it.

Mr. Koichiro Uemura

Director, Japan Livestock Products Export Promotion Council (J-LEC)

Koichiro Uemura is a highly experienced meat technology specialist, chef and trade expert in the handling of meat, including Wagyu beef. He is a regular participant at tradeshow events, including international J-LEC seminars and food exhibitions, sharing his knowledge of cutting techniques for Japanese Wagyu beef with audiences all around the world.

He has a wealth of experience and knowledge of the livestock industry, from production to processing, butchering and distribution, and is frequently invited as a guest speaker for educational events.

Koichiro Uemura is Managing Director of a major meat wholesale company, as well as being a special lecturer at Nippon Veterinary and Life Science University and Tokyo University of Agriculture, chairman of the ISIGAKIGYU-Association, and a full-time member of the Japanese Society of Animal Science, amongst other positions.

Cooking demonstrations by local chefs

Special dishes featuring Japanese Wagyu beef are prepared live, with an opportunity for the audience to sample these delicious creations. Discover why Japanese Wagyu beef is such a popular and sought after product.

Free tasting!
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